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When you don’t know your history, your story , you change your last name…

confusing your future generations because you changed your last name to some other culture…

making it near impossible for your future generations to go back to find their tribal name….

wake up yourself..

Researching on paper might show you that your last name is tribal and not that of a “slave” owner…

Miles - is spelled Miles in Latin: meaning; SOLDIER; prefix; traced back to the Pamunkey/Pamacocak/Mattawoman Tribes in Maryland

Soldier Damita

Latin is a buried language of autochthonous beings

There's a purposeful reason why the Latin language has been suppressed, removed from the education system, removed from the church, removed from all over…deemed a lost language, it’s so people won’t know who they are…many people won't know who they are...

The Algonquian Latin languages of the Americas…not African…700b.c.over 3000 years old …there are many Mother’s Lands #alwaysthinking #onthestationaryplaneofearth #sekmt #soldiergirl


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