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Why The Chiefs Game Was Rigged

Rigged from the jump -

This is why I didnt watch the game-

Do we get it yet

And -exactly what is it going to take for us to realize the true ways of this world -and its not just football you know- its everything we’re doing in mass

Did you know that the first owner of the Kansas City Chiefs created the American Football League, AFL - and his family, his son still runs the team

The original owner started an entire football team at the young age of 26-how-really-where did he get all this money from-its not from where most would think either - that is another story to tell

Did you notice the billion dollar campaign involving



Taylor swift

The coach

Pfizer-deadly covid shot

All state


Head and shoulders


And it's been revealed that two Black brothers are responsible for the Kelce campaign-that being released so "black people" jump on the bandwagon -because they jump on the bandwagons of any famous black person due to "pride"

A billion dollar campaign was created to brainwash support of the chiefs and all the BS that gets attached to it-all being embedded in the subconscious of those who don't see what's happening

The $ was recouped with everyone’s participation -and will continue to be recouped by those whose subconscious has been affected (afflicted)

If you bet on the game, as was also being heavily promoted, win or lose, you’re still a loser

The people, many, remain blind to the ways of the world and continue to support and fuel that which oppresses them

And if you say this is a stretch, it's not, and you will be the last to see

We gotta stop living on the surface of this life

It’s not just this football game that’s being manipulated

With Love




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