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LORD of Hollywood

He’s nothing to honor-at all-it’s the opposite -celebrity icons go against the moral values of humanity -movies and Hollywood are illusions and is what’s influencing the deviance in the world

And He’s part of that-he founded a co in 1993, he’s only 61, worth 1Billion-during the same times of ongoing protest & campaigns trying to stop black people from being disadvantaged

Do we really believe that he is a sole proprietor in this effort-

Secret society’s are real-you can keep on believing it’s not if you want to-

Believing is certainly not Knowing anything

$ is the root of all evil yet we forget that and try to rationalize that it’s not-because we desire it-in fact we’ve come to revere the dollar and the overly rich-and shame those who have not -we’ve come to justify deviance like being on a stripper pole freely exposing the precious sanctity of ourselves -because we “get $”

$ has become another god-and apparently if you have a lot of $ one becomes a gof too huh

Do you see how far we’ve fallen

We clearly see-that the rich aren’t really doing anything to help the world-and yet we still praise them -we even part our lips to say they aren’t obligated too-and that’s being said only to relieve the person saying it of their own obligation-just in case they get rich lol

And maybe we aren’t obligated to help others -fine- but do we have the right to hurt them in our efforts to prosper ourselves….especially when we know we are hurting people

Should we be blindly honoring people that we don’t even know-just because we saw them on tv-and we believe that made it on their own

Should we praise people that have the ability to change lives for the better on a massive scale but don’t

I say, No more

I think the people have to clear their heads and in a hurry to make a better world for themselves-nothing else will save them 🌸

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Damita Miles
Damita Miles
Feb 05

So much is not what it seems -people we’ve admired are the same ones hurting us-while we think the enemy is someone else

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