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Bible Chronicles

All the Bible’s are creations of this system-that we’ve been born into-we have to come to grips with that and let them all go

We never needed any of them -just convinced that we do-and convinced by those who first presented them to the masses

Marketing campaigns-with the foundation of fear-that still works today

Bible's are man’s creations to confuse and fear the minds of the masses, to control society and they are continuously updated for the times-

Imagine that-updating “gods words” -hmmm

We came into this world (born) cognitively dead-and as times goes on our eyes try to gradually open to see-some more than others -some never at all

And for those claiming that they are "woke" well really-they can't be because they are still here-lol-in the same trap-

In humbleness we are forever awakening and hope to share our experiences with others to trigger more awakening

We must see that all the Bible's are given to us by people not "gods"

And created as the ultimate tool of manipulation for the masses (amongst a plethora of other things perpetually working on our minds) for the people to lean on when they come to the point of despair -and lose trust in everything else

It's happening now and this has happened before

Can we realize yet that not one Bible is safe-we’ve been terribly naive to believe any of them were actually the word of god -when it is always being presented to us by people -

We and our ancestors never asked “well what god wrote these words”-we just naively believed and have passed it on for generations

Who are the most gullible people in the world….

There has never been a god in the flesh - just the “lord” of the sky that all are taught to fear-like the Oz-who turned out to be nothing-just a manipulator using technology


Is this where we are right now and have always been…now more eyes are seeing

Those bibles being presented to the masses then ( in old times)is the exact same as today when people tell us that they are "ordained prophets from god", "god told me to do this", "god authorized me,", etc

Why don’t we just be patient and wait for god to speak for itself

we don’t -because we are stuck in the mind games that trap the vulnerable-and at some point point we all experience vulnerability and are susceptible to getting trapped

Imagine today someone presenting us a bible saying “this is gods word yal” follow this-

And the way this world has been operating-a mass amount of people would just believe and follow

With questioning things we are told just a little-we can dismantle the manipulation-that's all we really can do is dismantle lies-the truth can be hard to see-

They saying goes, "the truth is in plain sight "

Asking questions about the Bible-we can find that the first bible published was in 1415 printed in Germany - and that Bible was taken from another doctrine, and it goes back to other doctrines

The Geneva Bible was copied from the Tyndale Bible, perfected and published in 1560 by Europeans calling it the Geneva Bible

And since Then the on-slot of all the other Bible’s came into print- now there are too many different bibles to count with different translations

All translated into different languages from a language not being spoken at all today-and people have naively trusted the translations

There’s a different Bible for every transition of society -knowing this

Why do we think to hold on to any of these bibles knowing that none were created by us-

And knowing that you are an autochthonous Americans- shouldn't we be seeking out our own cultures “bibles” and so far for me-in my research there isn’t one - there wasn't a need

At best~

Questioning our education and Deciphering the lies gets us closer to the truth-but we slow our discovery down wanting to still believe certain things

There’s so much to this..

-surely us holding on to anything the masses believe is true won’t be any good for us in the end…

Hold on hmmmm-

Maybe we should be letting go


Damita 🌸


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