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What if god is a false construct of hope to keep the souls of earth trapped in a space waiting to be saved- but they actually have the power to save themselves -and have been psychologically manipulated to forget

What if all those outside prayers are just wasted energy

And all the miracles have come from the souls accidentally tapping into to their own power

Should we even continue to pray outward-when sometimes it doesn't work


All we can do is....

is whatever we think is best for ourselves






It’s all the same - but the difference might just be going within not without for strength

What we do know is ourselves


Why shouldn’t we be praying to self going within ….reaching deep within ourselves for all the answers

This world never tells us to do that


It’s only speculation that there is a “creator” other than our mothers & fathers

We can actually see them

But we still create so many illusions

Like Santa Claus bringing the toys when we know it's our parents work

Giving credit where it's not deserved

God and Santa Claus are actually one in the same

An idea unseen but believed-images created to make it seem real

And the crazy part about the image of god is that it's a man-a Caucasian-when the majority of the world is made up of so many different kinds of melanated people/ more women than men-yet the world's image of god is never depicted as such

The reality though-is that

No one knows for sure of a most high, a god, a creator etc…we are only choosing to believe there is…giving credit to something we can't even see, dismissing the things we can see and convincing ourselves it's all real....

What if it's not

what if there isn’t anything out there....

What if it’s just YOU


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