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Every so called new year the media presents to society a montage of all those who perished in the previous year….why is that… The death ritual… …it’s been in plain sight but society hasn’t seen it that way because perspectives have been altered to see it differently Pay attention though Is that how a new year should kick off…hmmmm…with death…or should it be just the opposite…celebrating who was born not died…hmmm…new life.. Then soon after, some major event occurs that’s televised for all to see…hmmmm The s h o t seen across the world Pay attention What does it all mean… note; More than one psychological tactic is being used against us at the same time… is it fake or is it real, etc. We’re in a maze of psychological tactics occurring simultaneously, hoping to lock in fear, confusion and sadness into our minds to keep us under control Society must get out of their denial of this GAME of life that we’re all in, because prayers won’t fully work until the denial is conquered… You can’t pray away what’s happening YOU have to do something It’s bigger than a sports GAME It’s the psychological GAME gone unseen and denied by many that is the ultimate destroyer Break the chains Uncage your mind Save yourself You can do it #yourpredecessorsarespeakingtoyou #alwaysthinking #onthestationaryplaneofearth See less Edit


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