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THE DEATH OF A SELF RIGHTEOUS BELIEVER MANMADE religions create a spirit of self righteousness and audacity to disrespect all other’s spirituality

A young Christian named John Chau learned with his life the poison spirit of manmade religion. He went about the world “spreading the word of Jesus Christ” his god, thinking this was a righteous thing to do…thinking his way is the only salvation

Chau heard of the Sentinelese Tribes which have basically been untouched by this “new modern man”…he called their lives the last strong hold of Satan ..because they don’t believe in his god… These tribes are so in-tuned with themselves, the earth, and mankind’s nature that they don’t allow anyone to approach…they sense the no good energy

As John Chau selfishly and self righteously approached this tribe trying to show them that “Jesus Christ “ is the only way, to be saved he GOT A SPEAR STRAIGHT TO THE HEART

Dead instantly

Who’s right who’s wrong Humility is required to handle the truth All the manmade religions have caused the most deaths on this beautiful plane called earth Believers ignore this fact…. Who is this god really… There’s so much suffering on this beautiful plane called earth and the “god” that people have been praying to is letting it all happen… Can this almighty god defeat satan…or is it satan… disguising itself as a righteous, jealous god that one should fear…

It’s beyond the time to start asking the tough questions , just believing is not ok and it’s doing a disservice to our future generations What kind of god have the masses been taught and by wars forced to pray too.. Could the ”miracles” happening in your life been coming from YOU all along in those moments when you tapped into the god within you..…the god YOU are What is keeping society powerless in helping itself…and waiting to be saved


Fear of saving yourself and doing it alone

Dorothy had the power on her own two feet to get herself home and she didn’t know it, until someone told her… You have the power Save yourself #AlwaysThinking#RespectOthers #HumilityForYourself #Love #GodIsNotMonolithic


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