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Reparations Fools Gold


True reparations is LAND not money…because the original autochthonous people of America got bamboozled out of their LAND, their entire country…and their identity…

To take a small payout for having your land stolen is foolish and a repeat of the past.

Time confused the original autochthonous people into calling themselves African-American so, now they don’t think they are from America originally …and now have them believing that reparations in the form of money is a fair payoff


The LAND must be taken back in order to be free…governing yourself free from government control is being free in your own land..

The plan has to be for LAND, free of taxes, and other government constraints..

Realize that your entire country and land mass was taken through deception and war..

Do you now see why $ reparations is being campaigned to you…for years…it really has no value at all..because you’ll end up giving it all right back..and you’ll end up with nothing still..

To take the money from your enemy who bamboozled you out of your LAND and IDENTITY in the first place, is being a fool all over again. ..and giving value to your enemy…and this is how it keeps power over you..forever

The enemies money is no value because the enemy can render that money useless at anytime…and then what will you have…

We must broaden our thinking about how all of this actually began in this country or remain in a loop of oppression in some way

ALL the people have been fooled….black to white and all in between

This is why we are living in chaos

Conversations with like minds , real people, can decipher the game …and get from under this choke hold system..

The People will make America great, no one else will

Build your own tribe

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