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Politics Is Fools Play

After hundreds of years the black community still can’t recognize when they are getting played-

Neither side supports of the political structure supports them -and the illusion that one side does is what continues to trap the souls

They vote for the lesser of two evils and don’t even recognize what they are saying-succumbing to siding with evil—-

We’ve been fooled (all the people have) into giving credence to this govt, no ones vote ever really counted-that was officially sealed in 1871 that our votes will never count but appear too—

People must govern themselves -that’s the history we need to learn-as we did in this country on our own land as the autochthonous people of America - and shift the leadership narrative to respecting others rights to govern their own communities -and minimize a centralized system

Getting that knowledge is power -knowing your tribal name as an autochthonous American-is power-the autochthonous have been wrongly classified as African-America to hide the true identity as Indigenous Americans-

Feeding into the political propaganda is a trap -for everyone-not just the autochthonous

trump and biden are on the same team playing different roles, on the same side being presented differently -to keep minds closed and the trap set for all

We gotta wise up- Find your tribal name-ask for help if you need to


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