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People foolishly think that they voted out trump..


But look what they got in return…hmmm

Did you really vote for this…

By now you must come to know that…

All presidents are preselected

Obama was selected

None of it was true

All elected officials have been corrupted in some way

People stay oppressed because they believe their vote counts…there’s a constant campaign going to ensure this doesn’t slip from your mind..

It doesn’t though…


Look how life is

These same people who believe in voting are still protesting for their rights, seconds later..

They are dependent on govt forever

They don’t know that they can hold elected officials accountable without a vote

People are all confused because they are deep into the details of the situation drama at hand..

Rise above that though…

Remember, You are looking at a movie

No one’s vote ever counted Black or white…ever

The United States is a corporation that elects its own CEO’s and makes it appear like a democracy of voting

The arrogance and ignorance of so called “black”, who are really autochthonous but are still calling themselves black people, who think they have power in a vote but have no power anywhere else

The Mind games

The Chess game

The Neoteric chess game

To make people feel obligated by their ancestors , who by the way didn’t know any better and were also being fooled, that the right to vote is your power….

But it is NOT your power at all, the vote is actually stripping you of power and giving power away to whom you vote for…

If you don’t know what neoteric is…you will continue to be fooled by everything in this world

The ploy is to make black people and all people think voting counts…

So they do nothing

Get it…

Everyone is coming into this knowledge of all races…

No one’s vote ever counted…

We’ve been fools to think that it did

Learning to govern ourselves is the only way out

Humility is required within oneself to admit that you’ve been fooled #alwaysthinking #onthestationaryplaneofearth #sekmt


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