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IS THE EARTH FLAT OR ROUND; What does it matter

To every person who thinks knowing wether the earth is round or flat is irrelevant in this life….

You need to OVERSTAND that it is the KEY knowing that will wake you up to ALL the other this life..

Wait til you find out that ALL mortgages are illegal..and the people are all owed thousands..and yes many many people have unknowingly participated in the mortgage scam thinking it’s legal…

….this is big…big like knowing the earth is a plain not a ball…and many believed…you can fight this information if you want to….or you can do the real work to know the truth

It’s because many believed the theory of a ball earth was real and went with it, that signified to this system how easy it is too fool society’s minds

And is the reason why many are being fooled on going about many, many other things…economics, politics, religion, entertainment…

Conspiracy…yes…conspiring against you..against us..creating invisible chains on your life..

While people have been thinking otherwise…and haven’t questioned anything they’ve been told…just born into the illusion..and keeping it going..

Your mortgage was actually paid when you closed on your home…find out how you can get back what you are owed..the scam started in the late 1800’s..full blown by 1930….til now

NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY but it is a powerful hidden truth….by the system you’ve been trusting #AlwaysThinking #onthestationaryplaneofearth


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