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In 1957 Admiral Richard Byrd suddenly died, In 1958 NASA was founded In 1959 the Antarctica Treaty was established

Admiral Richard Byrd was a highly decorated Admiral who was commissioned to explore Antarctica…he flew over the ice wall of Antarctica many times, where he uncovered untouched , green, land flourishing in resources ..and he was concerned for its exploitation by govt

After his silencing…

NASA was established

Soon after, The Antarctica Treaty was signed by 12 countries and over time more countries agreed to the treaty.

Now think about this heavily…

If there is no land over the ice wall of Antarctica why was a treaty ever signed…to protect frozen ice…hmmmm What really needed to be agreed upon Don’t just accept the narrative taught to us in school Question this, What is being hidden

The military guards Antarctica and only classified personnel is allowed to approach… Civilians are NOT allowed to go more than 200 km to the ice wall…which “scientists “ are calling the South Pole …but there are no poles…in reality

Ie. esoteric practices

Subsequently after the exploration , NASA began research on the dynamics of an aircraft that would function over a “FLAT AND NON-ROTATING EARTH…” to continue flying over the ice wall…

Sleep on this....or don't sleep on it.... #alwaysthinking#WhereAteYouReally #ItMattersToYourEntireExistence


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