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Stop denying who you are by not knowing where you are...everything is connected.

The flat earth plane is in plane view....all you have to do is go hiking, you can see the flat plane from earth...this is what all the ancients did...all they had to do was climb the highest peak and lookout....and where they could no longer see...they knew that all they had to do was move forward...and the land appeared again into view....and not from over a curve....the land was always there on top...just too far to see..

It was recent European "scientist" that told a different story that the earth was curved downward to explain why they couldn't see that far....that was there perception or the perception that they wanted the masses to believe...and this thought process was apart of a larger whole to deceive society and keep it in a mental slavery..under a controlled system..of debt & taxation...amongst other things that hinder life on earth...when people consciously don't know where they are they can be fooled into anything....

Today, nobody is looking up or taking anytime to watch the patterns in the sky or climb any mountains....we go to school and take it all in without questioning it, we become prideful and egotistical about the learning. People have become so subdued and separated from their natural selves and nature that they don't even care what's in the sky nor know the importance of it...

That conditioning is why many took that v a c c e e n...and didn't blink an eye to question it. They never bothered to ask, why would this world govt create an operation to save over 8 billion people in the world....wake it really trying to save 8 billion its not...

It is not trying to save 8 billion...that's another astronomical illusion its trying to make people believe....that shot and the entire story behind it was created by this system to control the people and downsize the population while, it makes the masses of people believe that its trying to save them as they live on a ball called earth..

Your body can heal itself on the flat plane of earth...if only you knew where you are, then who you are becomes apparent, then you can tap into your all knowing awareness and heal... You gotta shake yourself awake #AlwaysThinking #onthestationaryplaneofearth #GodIsWithin


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