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Gravity is still a THEORY

It has NOT been proven as many believe

It’s just being taught in schools as an idea not being questioned

For years, this guy below, pictured with his wife holding a ball earth lol, has been the fun loving image of so called “science” in the media…by the way he is also listed as an actor…


No more

He did a skit attempting to prove gravity, by dropping a ball from his hand, saying the ball falling to the ground is “gravity” to prove the earth is a globe…lol


Gravity has never been proven, so what is he talking about

You know what has been proven…


Objects falling in air or water is Density not gravity

In the full scope concept of gravity, EVERYTHING should be falling down, pressed down to earth and shouldn’t be able to move…because of it…

is he saying gravity is sometimes and sometimes it’s not…hmmmm

Things aren’t pressed down to the ground because of gravity…

Because it’s DENSITY that pulls objects to the ground not gravity

Ie. This is an example of esoteric mind games being played on us

It’s no coincidence that Neil De Grasse Tyson came out of Columbia and Harvard…where it is said the secret esoteric teachings are taught to a select few to continue to come out and deceive the world…..whether they realize that or not

It means absolutely everything to your life to know the truth of where you are, this is why the efforts to hide it from you are so great..

DeGrasse, pictured below with his wife, as this matrix does with many when it is about to get caught in its lies, creates a distraction to destroy one of it’s characters , De Grasse has been hit with several sexual harassment accusations…so I guess we won’t be hearing from him for awhile…

The Globe Theory projects instability

The Flat Plane Theory projects stability

Esoteric teachings at work: making you think one thing but it's another....


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