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Diabetes; A Side Effect....from meds

Babies getting shots within hours of birth is the root of chronic illnesses

We have to start thinking differently for ourselves…

Diabetes is an epidemic …because…

Diabetes is a side effect to pharmaceuticals…this has been documented….no one is born with it nor is it hereditary as people are told.

Perspectives have been altered so many don’t make this correlation

Today, as the onslaught of medications are being released more and more people are being diagnosed with Diabetes …look at the amount of ads about meds for diabetes…

Don’t you wonder why…

And all that is happening are more medicines being released to help people deal with diabetes NOT cure it

The 1986 PREP Act makes it possible to sell medications that may end up killing you

When will you make a change in your life…you can cure diabetes …and all these other chronic illnesses YOURSELF #alwaysthinking


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