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So, have you seen the ads for hair relaxers causing all kinds of cancers....and the class action lawsuit going against the relaxer companies.

My question now, is will you still keep using hair relaxers....

If your stylist is still using hair relaxers, you probably should inform her of this news if she doesn't know.

If she knows, and continues to use hair relaxers, you should probably find a new stylist.

Suing the companies is something you can do however it's your own mind that needs the most care.

We, must change our own thinking in order to be better in this world because this world will always present things to us that are no good for us but claim that it doesn't cause any harm...

Hmmmm...this is a familiar repeated pattern..

We must get ourselves out of the loop of destruction....lawsuits are partial solutions after you've been harmed, if you even survive the harm...

We have to get ahead of this game now....and we can...with just a change of perspective the tide turns and the odds become in your favor...

Knowledge is power.

With love.



#yourpredecessors are speaking to you, can you hear...

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