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Something to think about..

We know that we’ve been living in an upside down world of opposites

So we should probably consider that in all things that we know….to think opposite of what we’ve been taught

The Ancestors…hmmmm

Why have we habitually been calling ion the past, the Ancestors…as if they somehow have special powers or all knowing…of the present and future….hmmmm

it’s the past though….there’s things we know today that they didn’t …why are we looking back…they only know what they knew …they don’t have the ability to see in this now..

We’ve assumed their abilities


All the ancestors aren’t worth calling on…so specifically who are we actually calling….

Because we are the ancestors. ..think of how many people today that you would call on after their gone…Ijs


Why haven’t we been calling on our future selves…the Predecessors

Ourselves, in the future, that can look back at us today and help us make better choices right now..hmmmm

We’ve been obsessed with the past…reliving it…and in fear of what’s going to happen in the future


We need to grow

I just don’t think anything is coming back from the past to tell us our future….how could it…they only know the past…

I think we have to move forward…


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