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A Merry Xmas Gift To All

As the world performs the rituals of this day and worships the birth of a man personified to us as God, my hopes are that we continue our awakening, SEE the Bible for the message that it REALLY is and remove the concept of personifying God. The image of Jesus, God for some, whether we make him Black or White represents suffering. In fact, making him Black makes it worse. Please SEE. Making him Black means that we are now FULLY worshipping another Black man hung, bloodied, tortured, nailed, dying on a cross....that's what we see...yet we BELIEVE what we are told...THAT THIS IS LIFE???...and we bring onto ourselves the REAL meaning of this image (real being what we see not what we're told) with every "merry xmas" that we write. Told one thing doing another. Amerikka = Rome extended. 

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