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The Weave another Form of Crack ...#ItsNotJustAboutHair

Let's not pretend that we don't know that many Black Women are wearing weaves and chemically straightening their hair because they don't like how they look with their natural hair, ok. ✔️

Many don't like what they see in the mirror when their hair is natural and feel more comfortable covering their natural hair and looking like someone else.

That's what it boils down too.

We distract from the real reasons all the time by clapping back at the Black Man and other Black Women for bringing up the topic of weaving or not weaving.

Sure not everyone falls into the category of a self hater because their hair is weaved but those who wear the weave 24/7, 365 days a year....and won't get caught dead without one....I would say may have a serious issue.

And their issue isn't necessarily founded solely from within.

The truth can hurt so I understand the clap back to come on this matter and I'm very familiar with the Black Woman's clap can cut.....and that's "REAL" for sure.

However, I'm standing my ground.

WE HAVE TO be big enough to go deep inside ourselves and acknowledge and expose the thoughts that we've long buried in our subconscious minds.

....the real reasons why so many of us black women don't like our natural hair.....

....the real reasons why all this weaving started up in the first place,

....the real reasons why as we've been weavin it up we've created a $500 Billion dollar industry for people outside of our communities to become rich off our insecurities

YES...that's how much we spend hiding and covering up.

.....and the "REAL" reasons, the bottom line, the nitty gritty of WHY ARE WE WEAVING....and who or what created the trend of us weaving or for us for that matter never gets addressed.

....the reasons that we don't want to talk about are....


We skip right over the real reasons to clap back justifying and defending "the weave"

Defending the fake and shunning the real...

Real Talk

Like an addict in denial.

"Oh I just weave because.....You know what I'm talking about.

We're not simply talking about fashion, change and playing around with different hair styles.....that's not the issue here and we all know it.

The real issue is what's behind and underneath the weave, the fake hair.

Our power, our soul, the real US.

Who are we?

What are we hiding?

Why are we hiding?

Black Women are the most unique women in the world and we have been targeted since long ago by the enemy to crush our self worth in order to crush our nation.

And its worked.

Our nation has fallen.

"A nation can only rise as high as its woman"

As long as black women feel more comfortable covering up their natural hair with fake hair.....( by the way fake hair changes the way you see yourself)

As long as Black Women are unable to wear their natural hair because they don't like what they see in the mirror with their own hair....

WE have a major problem with our nation.

And before the attacks start on me about my own hair.....I've done it all too. Been there, through all the changes and I feel comfortable sharing my experiences because I know many feel the same but are afraid to say so.

SHAME....I had it....Manipulated by the Te-lie-vision set.

I've worn my hair natural most of my 49 years on because of my mothers fears of me I wanted one for a long time. I struggled liking my natural hair, I eventually relaxed my hair...relaxed also because everybody was doing it, weaved for a short time...weaving hurts, was way too heavy and hot as I went back to being natural...

It was a process but...

I learned more about myself through many means and my hair was one of the major means in my growth.

Yes! My hair! My crown, the thing that tops me off.

My hair is natural now and temporarily straightened with a flat iron and dyed for fun....and now it's enhancing back to black and grey lol...

And with a little bit of water my hair will snap back not clap back. I'm comfortable either way.

I won't ever wear a weave again..maybe for a show or a particular temporary reason but never as my everyday who I am type of look...

I feel so much better. I feel like I'm more intune with the Real Me.

I feel FREE....and not trapped by the process of covering up.

I feel like a Goddess with my own hair.

A Goddess that all Black Women are....and as soon as more of us realize our Goddess status and what it takes to get back there.....


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