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The Ritual of "Thanksgiving"

Today is a RITUAL...of CONQUER and DEFEAT of the Indigenous people of America. And by the way, American history tells us that only the "Native American, copper colored, straight haired people" that we see are Native Americans but with careful study and research it has come to light that most Indigenous Americans were "Black People" the sense of what we know "Black" to be today.

YES! And that long ago, Africans freely came to America, settled in all its lands from North America to South America and mixed with Asian migrators which created the people we see today.

America was thriving with life and Black life for more than 100,000 years before Columbus decided to come out of the shell of Europe and explore the rest of the world.

The trickery of "white supremacy" is always in full effect to confuse the minds of people of color so it can maintain its power over us.

So back to this ritual called "Thanksgiving". It's a RITUAL created by Europeans for's what they are thankful for not us and here we go again thinking that somehow because time has passed that we are "included".

We have to open our minds and SEE....that WE continue to fuel the concept of European power of supremacy over us when WE participate in its rituals outwardly and inwardly WE PRETEND THAT WE'RE DOING SOMETHING ELSE.

And if you think that you can still celebrate and change the meaning to what you want it to can't.

That illogical thinking is the same thinking that we use to justify calling ourselvvvvvvvesssss nigga.

We can't change what a word is meant to be.....formed from the mouth of the one who created it.

We have to change our thinking into our own FOR REAL.

The same way Europeans have taken historically black teachings and changed them to their own....we have to do the same to keep moving forward. After all we are the creators....why are we following?

We have to SEE things for exactly what they are and not what we want them to be.


Today is "thanksgiving" for pilgrims ok.....and right after that....slaves made thanksgiving even "more better" for the pilgrims...ok...and right before that a plethora of human life was lost, split apart, exported/imported and destroyed to achieve this White European Thanksgiving...ok....check.

So today....and everyday....practice changing the way you think about everything we do as tradition in America.

1. First look at things from the eyes of the creator. Not God the creator but the HUMAN who created the tradition.

2. Understand what "they" are thankful for and why "they" need your energy to participate in their ritual.

3. Then begin to think about your OWN thoughts of what this ritual is all about.

Just 3 simple steps that can be easily applied and expounded on.

We don't need approval nor recognition from anyone or anything to CREATE OUR OWN.


I'm going to make my "Thanksgiving" officially on the day that I was born. I'm going to take off of work and do whatever I feel I need to do to show thanks for my life and all that I have. I will have no worries about what I don't have and I will try to take this mindset on in everything that I do.

Out of respect for my ancestors and all the Indigenous People of America this european "thanksgiving" gets no more power from me.


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