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What is the Matrix?

What is the matrix?

Unraveling the matrix requires ones willingness to relearn, rethink and let go of all that one has been taught.

Keeping what you know but rethinking how you know it...seeing it through your own eyes and not the eyes of who's giving you the information.

It sounds like a lot but it's not really.

Once you start thinking this way it becomes second nature.

I had to understand first where did all that I know come from? I realized that it comes from a white supremacists system even though I went to a Black college it was still based on a white system.

So if I know that, then how can I trust anything within a system that wants white to be supreme?

And then I realized that I can't trust the system, none of it. Not from the science to religion it teaches.

Realizing this, all of a sudden I started feeling FREE and no longer bogged down. I began to recognize that certain things that I was being taught that never set well with me, was actually the memories embedded within my DNA not allowing the lies to sink in.

So, the matrix what is it really?

The matrix is our everyday lives.

The matrix is everything we do. What we watch on tv and the movies. When we go to work. When we go to school. When we read a book. When we go to church. We when go to the club. When we go on vacation, etc....It's all that we do in this routine of life.

There's no escaping the matrix even if you find yourself being very successful. Your success is still inside the matrix.

The matrix is collective group thinking controlled by the media, the school systems and all the systems within the matrix.

As long as we believe in the systems of the matrix we fuel the matrix. We keep it alive. The matrix is built to suppress.

And you may ask what's so bad about the matrix

some people are completely content with their lives?

And I'll ask you this, how do you know that there's not something even more amazing for us to see, feel and live by?

How do you know that your contentment is not merely a prison sentence and the life that you should be living is being taken from you by the matrix?

And also ask yourself why does this matrix need your energy and need you to believe in its systems?

The answer is in knowing who you are as a God and Goddess in the exact meaning of the words.

Coming up next...learning that we are Gods and Goddesses and why the matrix doesn't want you to know this.

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