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Amerikkka...put the C back in..America....Ameri-Cares.

RESPECT to the soldiers who did what America convinced them to to do.

"This we will defend"

RESPECT to the men and women who believed that the threat of death was

worth a home loan and a college education.

"Sibi Sed Patriae "Not for self but for country".

RESPECT to the people who had the courage to risk their lives.

"Aim High ... Fly-Fight-Win"

RESPECT to the HUMAN BEINGS who fought and survived the many wars.

"Semper fidelis" "Always faithful"

SHAME on America for falling short on its ROI to the people " Return on investment "

To the many who felt the call to serve a country that in many ways

doesn't serve you ALL DUE RESPECT TO YOU.... just know that

all the fire, courage and faith that it took to fight in wars for others

can be used to fight FOR YOURSELF. It really is time to


The K needs to be pulled out and the C (Ameri-cares)needs to be put back in..

American's have to....."MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"


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