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Election...Doomsday or a Newday.

Well, it's all said and done, at least we think it is. You never really know how things will all turn out though. Obama is still in office til January, approximately 71 more days left and anything could happen until then.

One thing for sure that has happened, is a continued division in the country amongst every category you can imagine and it's brought to light who are the real "believers" in democracy and who are not. It's created FEAR on so many different levels.

The believers are stunned at the outcome, weary and sad right now, actually shedding tears, ready to leave the country and doomed to hopelessness with no control over their lives for the next 4 years in fact for generations. Their digging their own graves as we speak and are setting up for a doomed life of renewed slavery, forced whippings and a new set of old shackles. Smh.

Honestly, when we give that much power to something outside of ourselves we render ourselves as slaves. sigh

And to the contrary, those who really didn't put too much credence into a flawed democratic system pretty much were prepared for any outcome. Prepared to continue building their own communities and establishing their own independence in conjunction with whatever is going on outside of them.

Voters seem to think that there's no other outcome but Doom if their candidate doesn't win.....why is that? What creates that type of thinking? Is it people or is the actual notion of the vote that creates the hopelessness for us? After all, voting means that someone has to we should be prepared for a loss, just in case. The sense of despair that people have clearly indicates that they were not prepared for any other outcome but a win and they were totally relying on their one vote to make a change. We can only rely on our own behavior not the behavior of others....

Well, many things will unfold in the days to come for sure, the weak will be separated from the strong and where we find ourselves is where our thinking lies.....either it's Doomsday for you or it's a Newday for you. Now these ARE two valid choices.

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