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Is Hillary Empathizing or Patronizing the Black Community?

Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!....In my Patti!, Patti!, Patti! voice. What's going on? Huh...that's Marvin Gaye now...I'm on a roll. Let's start with the "hot sauce". Really! Ok, at some point in my life I would have been flattered by the reference to "hot sauce" on a "Black radio station"....(as I sigh thinking about this.) I would have thought it was cute, laughed about it and thought it was so thoughtful of her to try and relate. Bless her little heart....however, as I rise and become wiser, I've learned to know better. It's not cute at all. It's PATRONIZING! And in looking back she and he meaning Bill, have always been patronizing to the Black Community. As a matter of fact most politicians have been as well. That's the trickery of it all. Appeal to the emotions, make people feel good while you're stabbing them in the back. "They smile in your face...." lol...O'Jays.

Hillary has a lot of history and yes it starts with her husband, Bill Clinton, the team (democrat) and the 1994 Crime Bill signed by Bill which many say is the source of the state of mass incarceration that has occurred in America. But let's look at it even deeper. Mass incarceration started with the "Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 and before that the trend of mass incarceration started in the 70's with the "Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 signed by Richard Nixon (republican).

Now you may say, what does all this have to do with Hillary now, well I say absolutely everything. A pattern exists if you're wise enough to see. The illusion that there are two sides of Democracy. Yet right before our pretty little eyes the same agenda progresses from one administration to the next administration under a different face and name, unrecognizable to most. Hillary is just another face and another name for the same agenda. SEE.

A pattern exists of "self" preservation for a certain group of people and the "self" is not including ALL Americans especially not Black Americans. We have to open our eyes to what's really going on. A classical form of conditioning is occurring. A tactic used to win over a group of people to certain beliefs by appealing to their emotions. The two most important emotions...LOVE and FEAR....and here we go falling right in line with the conditioning.


Now back to Hillary. Her script has been written and played out many times before her. The LOVE and FEAR tactic has always been in full effect. Hillary and her team are doing what has always worked in the Black community and in the world for that matter. Empathizing by trying to relate to the culture and Patronizing it at the same time.

Trump on the other hand, represents the other piece of the puzzle, that's FEAR. We get the Love from Hillary and the Fear from Trump thus locking folks into the belief that Hillary is the better choice. I feel another song comin on...."It's a thin line between love and hate." Persuaders....ahhh. (song...some relief while I have to think about all this) and how bout Hillary? She's clever, I have to say. How else can she win voters?

These are the harsh facts: Hillary supported her husband with the Crime Bill that incarcerated and targeted people of color, she spoke in her own words about the Black youth being predators and needing to be dogs and (by the way Hillary was almost 50, a grown ass woman when she said that...she wasn't green to the scene) and finally the body counts behind the Clintons, concerning individuals associated with the Clintons who found themselves about to testify and up to about 50+ individuals.

To ignore just these few things about Hillary and knowing there's so much more, is to fool yourself and fall into the trap of LOVE and FEAR. To feel more at ease voting for Hillary is not really what anyone should be thinking. In fact, you better step up your game suns....because Hillary got much of it. The phrase "I'm voting for the lesser of two evils" is becoming more and more...sigh....STUPID as the days draw nearer......

I think it makes much more sense to....."Get up, Stand up, Stand up for Your Rights" Bob Marley.

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