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Once again, there's lots of chatter behind another newly released film-

There's groups of folks who saw all kinds of messages in the film and then there's those who saw nothing....stating, "there's nothing new being presented"

For those just looking to be entertained the ending was all sorts of disappointing but if you were looking

for more....there was much too see....

Here's my take- if you haven't seen it yet-get ready for the details to get exposed

In my opinion this film resembles many films that people just didn't get, but were very telling. Films like, The Truman Show, and Bird Box, fall in this category of people thinking they were just bad movies - yet they were filled with all kinds of neoteric messages....

Our perspective matters much....

First, let's dissect the title, it's triggering deep thought in itself, Leave The World Behind, try translating the word "world" to "lie", Leave The Lie Behind - then think of yourself in the world or the lie, and what part you're playing in the lie - and what part are you willing to "leave behind".

First, note in the film the autochthonous (black) woman was totally omitted

She wasn’t in this world at all-and assumed dead-her character was unseen-and there was an implication that the young black girls mother was white not black at all - how does that feel

The film consciously places the autochthonous man and white woman together -, as well as the autochthonous daughter with the white husband and his young son fawning over her as a sexual exploit - the boy fantasizing about her sexually- this is how the black woman is being displayed - and the subconscious separation of the black family man and woman is a constant in media- I think most have become desensitized to it- but it does have a very powerful negative psychological impression on the mind.

Also note that Julia Roberts' character was seen as strong and in control of everything and both men were seen as weak-portraying the image of a white woman as the ultimate savior-

The film expounded on the “white savior syndrome“ that the autochthonous community suffers from-(white Jesus-saves us syndrome-the spell of religion) -The part where Julia Roberts saves the autochthonous girl from the deers and the white father stops Kevin Bacon from shooting-the autochthonous man - did you see that happening-

And so many negative subconscious messages - The autochthonous family was behaving submissively in their own home-is a blatant depiction of the lack of knowledge that the autochthonous community has in knowing its true story of being Indigenous Americans- (I'll elaborate on that in another article)

The part where Rose, the little sister tells the story that”god” sent all kinds of messages to save a guy from drowning-but he didn’t catch any of the messages-and he drowned - this was a powerful part of the film - that was describing everyone who thought the ending was bad- and nothing new was being shown - "god" sending all kinds of messages throughout this film but people are being to arrogant to see any of them-

Is the human ego the biggest flaw in being human, is arrogance and lack of self humility blinding us - are we all here in this realm to get over our own egos-do we repeat this life if we don't achieve this goal


And then there's the ending, my thoughts are that it was fantastically clever ending-it left a needed void for the viewer to now think for themselves and self reflect - but did people do that - that takes humility - ....did the ending show us who we are and that we aren't ready to let go and leave the world behind....did the ending show us that we want to live in the lie, the world because it's easier than trying to #GetOut

And the ending totally represented how We are living today, living completely in a world which is a nice chic under ground bunker, ( in a lower vibration) with all the latest amenities of modern life, glued to the tv-media-always seeking to escape reality every chance we get-and angry when someone or something tries to shake us awake from it

Rose represented not a young girl, she represented ALL the people in the world who want to remain cognitively asleep-and don't want to leave the world behind-they love the lie

THE END was the THE BEGINNING, the message of how we've all been dumbed down to the mind of a child, resorting to gorging ourselves with processed foods, turning to our favorite shows and diving deep into whatever we see on tv

Rose chose to stay asleep, to remain unaware and resistant to change....she only wanted to be in the lie, the fantasy -afraid to face the truth-happy not having to do any work to #GetOut of the world, the lie....and be free

Rose gave up - does any part of you identify with her...

Maybe we should view this film and try to find ourselves in it-and either make a decision to 

“Leave The World Behind”

Or shut up and stay in it 

Oh and Rose wore the NASA t-shirt because that too represents a big LIE.....To be continued.....


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