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Is Jesus Really a Real Person and Does It Really Matter?

The answer to that question for me doesnt really matter. 


Because the STORY of Jesus is more significant than the person in the story. 

Humans have a need for attachment which can be a good or bad thing depending on how well a person has command over their emotions. 


and we all know how that goes...😂😝😪😡😘😝🤓😟😳 lol

Who cares really, whether Jesus was real or not or black or white......

All that is, are groups attempting to attach themselves to a great story. 

I get it.  

The story of Jesus is one of the greatest ever told.  Who wouldn't want to make themselves apart of it?

But....what if we started looking at Jesus's story  differently?

What if we start reading the story of Jesus and we replace his name with our own names all throughout the story?  

Where you see Jesus's name...or Buddha's name or Muhammad"s (whatever you worship) name for that matter....Read it again and insert YOUR name. 

ALL OF A SUDDEN the story GETS REAL...REALER THAN EVER....(I'm allowed to make up words on my own blog😂...REALER). 

Anyway😊....the story becomes about YOU rather than him or them!

It seems then, that our understanding of the story would be greater and we would be more inclined to practice the behavior that we are reading about. 



When we worship or idolize, Jesus or any other thing.....idolizing tends to separate us from the thing that we are worshipping and it makes it easier for us to remove responsibility from ourselves in being that thing because we see the extraordinary "thing" that we are worshipping as something that we could never be. 

Let that marinate.....

So go the story of Jesus and all the other stories again and again and interject YOUR NAME everywhere you see Jesus's name. REALLY GETS REAL. 

And boom!....all the bull---- that you were about to say and do in your life......


Ya can't even do it anymore because now YOU are Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad.....and what would they do?..........


I mean....WHAT WOULD (insert your name) DO?

Self check!💛💋

Let the Church say AMEN, ASE'', AMEEN and NAMASTE 🙏!


Damita Miles 

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